3d Printing

I use a pair of Markforged Onyx Printers because the prints I provide need to be strong. I don't know of any other material that can compare strength wise with onyx when used with their single filament carbon fibre reinforcement.


As well as the most up to date 3d printing technology I remain a fan of traditional engineering machining like turning and milling.

I use a Boxford 330 lathe which has imperial and metric screw cutting capability as well as the ability to hold stock up to a metre in length and 300mm diameter (that's about 12 inches in old money).

Carbon Fibre

My most recent technological step has been into the world of composites. I have the ability to prototype and produce low volume prototype runs of small carbon fibre components by machining moulds on a 4axis CNC machining centre from a high temperature model board.

I use the easy composites "Out of Autoclave" Pre-preg system which produces parts comparable in strength to material produced in an autoclave.

“Working with Alfie Noakes was a game-changer for my business.”

Sarah Thompson

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